Proposed module structure: data/mod/{modname}/

Right now all JSON files are in a hardcoded set, and if you want to add new files you have to add them to the C++.

What I’m suggesting is an additional data/mod/{modname}/ directory that contains JSON files which will be merged with the “main” ones.

For instance, I could have an “extra_food” mod, which I’d put in data/mod/extra_food, and then I would define my new food items in “data/mod/extra_food/raw/items/comestibles.json” and my new recipes in “data/mod/extra_food/raw/recipes.json”.

I like this, it would make modding a lot easier for those of us with beginner coding skills.

Yea, it/d be /data/raw/mods/* with the current layout, and you could either drop files in there or subdirectories.

There’s a complication currently in that several of the json files are “special”, like recipe.json The above would work fine for items, but it’ll take some work to make it happen for the other json types.