Professions that start with addictions should give more stat points

when you take a profession like this you are basically exchange the annoyance (and increased chance of dying early) for extra stat points. the hope is to get rid of the addiction and be stronger since you got more health points. this means that your chance of dying early is higher. that is ok.

its not worth the hassle for the few stat points you get back. these addictions are tough early, since you dont have dayquil/myquil and you dont have supplies shelter down. they should probably be -4 to -6 for points to make them really worthwhile.

this is from someone who likes to make the game harder. i think i can go in and manually edit the json for these right? when we get to achievements and scores though, Id like to play the same way as others. This is from someone who likes the game hard. I like the idea of a higher chance of dying early,but if i survive im stronger. i dont invest alot of time if i die quick and can just try it again. i would do this while jacking up the zombies, but id want more of a return.

What do others think? -1., or -2 is not alot of stat points.