Preset Career Suggestions

With The Darkling Wolf saying he might add preset careers to pick from when you start a new game.
I thought it might be worth trying to get a list of such careers and their associated skills ,stats and back stories.
“The system I was looking at adding was a more career based one. Where you select a pre-cataclysm career instead of manually allocating points, and the game gives you a set of skills and relevant items. It would generally avoid anything particularly good, like you wouldn’t have your tools with you because whoever was running the evac shuttle told you that the space was more valuable to cram a person into rather than a toolbox.”

Old war veteran
A retired war veteran who has seen countless atrocities during their tours of service. Approaching 60 years old this veteran solider may not have youth on their side, however they possess considerable knowledge of survival, first aid, and firearms.

Strength 8
Dexterity 8
Intelligence 7
Perception 10

Bad back
Poor hearing
Mood Swings

Dodge **
Melee **
Firearms **
Handguns **
Rifles ****
Mechanics **
Survival **
Traps **
First aid **
Driving **

Army Helmet
14 x .45 bullets
Tank top
Light jacket

High school graduate
Fresh out of high school they had a bright future of debt ahead of them until the apocalypse occurred. While inexperienced and young this person is quite agile and in good health, now the wasteland will have to be their school.

Strength 8
Dexterity 10
Intelligence 9
Perception 9

Mood Swings

Dodge **
Throwing **
Computers **
Swimming **

T shirt
Messenger bag
20 x cigarettes
Cheap lighter
MP3 player

If there was going to be this preset careers system, I would still appriciate a bit of randomness. Instead of static stats, maybe it could be that for the Old War Veteran, Perception has to be higher than intelligence, and strength and dexterity have to be 0 points or 1 point apart, and then let it be randomised.

Also, while the high school graduates gear isn’t too bad, the veterans starting equip is just plain OP. A high powered pistol and one of the best peices of head gear in the game? No thanks. Me and most other players don’t have a problem starting up with a mediocre random spawn, unless the game was made considerably harder then this would just be easy mode.

I don’t want anything to be random at character creation. It’s only a “roll again” invitation. I enjoy a lot a semi random world like it is now, but my toon, no, he is my baby.

Or just make it an option.

I don’t know how TDW plans to do it, but I do remember Whales saying the career choices were only to be a replacement for skill picking and the android perk. I believe the idea was that you would pick your stats, traits, and career- with your career determining your starting skills, equipment, and bionics, if any.

That’s the way I’d want it, anyway.

That’s basically exactly how I plan on doing it.

Yeyy :smiley:

That’s much better than having a semi random system where you might start with a gun with certain careers.
Having said that; is there any chance of a total character preset to appear in conjunction with the career presets?
For example a preset name, stats, traits, skills, items, and back story.

Isn’t there a “save template” function? I use that for my characters.

Yeah, but I still think we should three or so default templates for everyone to use.

We used to have those, but nobody used them, so they got out of the game.

I used one of them…