Powered exoskeletons?

I just remembered this technology while doing research about power armor.
Powered exoskeletons are already very well developed and have many potential military and civilian applications. 30 years from now they would likely be fully functional and common in civilian and military contexts.
In-game they could be implemented as UPS-powered clothing similar to power armor, except the primary function when powered would be to increase the amount of weight the player can carry instead of defense.

There should be a few different types for different contexts:

[ul][li]Assistive exoskeleton: the most common type, found in hospitals, primary purpose before the cataclysm was to assist patients in hospitals with inhibited motor control, not very powerful but will reduce the severity of any speed debuffs on the player[/li]
[li]Nurse’s exoskeleton: uncommonly found in hospitals, rarer than the assistive exoskeleton, used by medical personnel before the cataclysm to assist in moving heavy patients, should have enough lifting power to greatly assist players in carrying injured NPCs/dead bodies[/li]
[li]First responder’s exoskeleton: rarely found in ambulances, similar to the nurse’s exoskeleton with additional storage space for first aid supplies[/li]
[li]Worker’s exoskeleton: rarely found in hardware stores, mines, garages, home improvement stores, malls, etc.; used by general populace before the cataclysm for hard labor; has less lifting power than the nurse’s or first responder’s exoskeletons but uses less power; geared towards frequently moving materials over a longer period of time as opposed to moving a patient for a brief moment[/li]
[li]AFA exoskeleton: rarely found in fire stations, fire trucks, and as a drop from firefighter zombies; used by firefighters before the cataclysm to assist in carrying heavy equipment and people, and also includes utilities such as extra storage space, jaws of life built into one of the arms (inherent 4 prying quality), enhanced strength and movement speed for navigating burning buildings, and possibly a built-in mini water cannon; the second best exoskeleton overall in terms of physical performance but also the second most power-hungry[/li]
[li]Military exoskeleton: uncommonly found in military locations, rarely found in mil. surplus stores, rare drop from military zombies (soldier, grenadier, elite grenadier, and bio-op); used by soldiers before the cataclysm to increase physical performance even when bearing heavy loads; best exoskeleton overall in terms of load-bearing capability and increased strength and speed but also most power-hungry[/li][/ul]

As an added bonus, the addition of load-bearing exoskeletons would also act as an indirect buff to any mutation lines that decrease strength or carry weight.

I think pks re-balancing mod he adds an powered exoskeleton like this. But yeah I would also still like some sort of powered armor/exoskeleton system that can allow you to utilize mountable weapons without having to carry a hoe with you everywhere you go.

Just looked, yeah it kind of does but it’s different in that it’s more like another flavor of power armor with strength and speed buffs on top of it. These exoskeletons are supposed to be just that, skeletons.
The AFA skeleton looks like this for example:
The primary function of the exoskeletons would be utility as opposed to combat ability. This is also the most realistic form of near-future wearable machines, but I have a feeling removing the “walking tank” power armor would upset a lot of people.

I know what an exoskeleton looks like I don’t remember the name of it but I have seen some demonstration videos of I think 2 exoskeletons albeit I think these were somewhat old with one being hooked up to power cables attached to the ceiling and another one for medical use which ran on compressed air. I imagine what you mean by utility is that they are designed to allow you to maneuver large and or heavy items more effectively than if you were to do the same task with out the armor and maybe the usage of heavier tools and some such.

I really like this idea, it’s a realistic tech that’s in development now. Surely it wouldn’t be too hard to implement one wouldn’t think? It would effectively be a variation on power armor that already has mechanics in place right?

I would say a version of power armor that doesn’t require one to go fighting zombies nude.

Codewise the only thing needed that doesn’t already exist is a flag for clothes to raise maximum carry weight (without raising strength) when worn.

Sounds pretty awesome, but I think that they should be much rarer. I don’t think they should be found on common zombie soldiers for example. Just my opinion.