Power storage CBM installation adjustments

After several cbm runs, I’ve noticed it’s become quite tedious when it comes to power storage cbms under the new install method. If i run a lab, i tend to get out with 15+ power cbms, but if want to install them they have to be done one at a time. Finding or making enough kits for all of them can be a chore, and with pain immunity cbm/mutation it just becomes tedious having to install them one by one.

Either they should become easier to install in batches, easier to plug em in on the fly, or new recipes should be added to make larger ones by combining them. Two powers equal power storage 2, two power cbm 2 equal power storage 3, and etc.

Another way to do it, could be introducing new Power Bank cbms that you have to install/upgrade, but once you do, you can just pop in power storage cbms like batteries without fancy installation.