Bionic power sources: stackable?

Are bionic power sources stackable to increase the rate of power generation? I.e. if I install multiple CBM: Solar Panels will my batteries charge faster? What if I install both Solar Panels and Torsion Joints, will walking in sunshine recharge faster than if I only had the Solar Panels?

You can only install one of each power source bionic, and yes, they stack.


The furnace fix, has it been made?

Are there downsides to installing more than one power source/power storage bionic? Is there a cap to how many power storage bionics you can install?

Power storage, certainly not!
The only drawback to installing multiple power storage bionics is that you approach the bionic cap (which is something like 100 bionics anyways). The benefits, on the other hand, are that you actually have enough power to do lots of cools stuff.

The benefits to installing multiple power source bionics is that you have more ways to generate power.