"Power" Armor

[quote=“Iosyn, post:19, topic:836”]Generally you wouldn’t be able to wear much while wearing a suit of PA. I can see you wearing up to about 2 encumberance worth of stuff inside (by really cramming yourself in)

However, there should be more storage built into the actual suit itself without having to wear a hauling frame.
Magazine space and autoloaders for heavy weapons, a water filtration system (recycles your piss), toolkit space (I can easily see each suit of PA coming with a basic set of tools so a soldier could field strip it and perform some basic cleaning and maintenance.) space for the power generator etc.[/quote]

generation 0 armor. never got past prototype/field use, never for prolonged periods of time and coupled with a truck 100 meters out and a support staff to keep them armed.

what you’re talking about is a refined suit, which we don’t have. but maybe in the future.

maybe make the helmet ‘act’ like a pair of glasses?

Yea, that’s happening.

Those zombie scientists I keep killing will probably get on it eventually.

maybe make the helmet ‘act’ like a pair of glasses?[/quote]

Not a bad idea either. I could see either working really. Although I guess I’m not too too suprised that my nerd can’t wear power armor.

yeah, glasses was a little odd, i was most disappointed at not being able to haul a rucksack, again that’s getting fixed kinda. but a character with glasses is basically useless in power armor as it stands, .5 will see this resolved though