Post-retirement simulation assessment

I’d like an option to retire a world and the game to generate a final report as to the viability of the remaining survivors based on the game state. Perhaps there could be a trigger to generate a report based on repair of a radio mast or similar. I’d be delighted to help with the writing side of such a project although have no idea as to whether it is a workable or generally desirable suggestion. If such a suggestion has already been made then apologies - I’ve not trawled the boards exhaustively.

Potentially the report could provide an amusing post-script to a player spending considerable time within the game world. I think that an element of randomness would be desirable but well equipped and trained survivor’s odds of a positive report should be proportionately higher.

Two samples below:

"Following receipt of radio communication from a mast in Northern Queensville, a small party was dispatched to investigate and report to the Council.

No live survivors were encountered. It appears that, despite being well equipped and provided for, a lone survivor named “Jamie Heysdahl” was surprised by an overwhelming horde of zombies sometime in the recent past. His encampment did not seem to have been trapped and was only moderately defensible. The corpse, despite being largely consumed, showed signs of extreme deviant genetics that would have been difficult for the Council to approve as type-human and would, in any event, have been condemned to live beyond our borders.

Significant dismembered and burnt zombie remnants were discovered in the environs of the survivor’s base. By our estimates Heysdahl had cleared some 75% of the local zombie population. Heysdahl was interred and appropriate signage posted".

"Three live survivors were encountered. They comprised a man, woman and young child. Their base of operations was an LOE shelter in woodland north of Queensville. The local zombie population had been virtually eliminated and our party saw but a solitary z that was eliminated. The survivors has an impressive supply of food including growing crops. The base’s perimeter was heavily trapped and in the author’s eyes was virtually impregnable to conventional assault. Local bandit populations had been eliminated some years before. Of particular note was an armoury including a quantity of heavy military hardware and the survivors appeared well informed as to their use. The survivors themselves were in good cheer and it was heartening to note that their ample medical supplies had ensured that their three year old girl was fit, well and showed no signs of adverse genetic expression.

A common radio frequency and call-in times were exchanged to facilitate further communication. The high level of technical skill demonstrated by the survivors dictates that support for their outpost should be a high priority"

Not a bad idea… But still, this would require a crapton of work in the devs, so this falls into the end game content.

This reminds me of The Oregon Trail and Pirates!, which is to say I like it.

It would be a pain to implement, but we could probably have some form of simple system whereby the game would count up stuff like your list of kills, current inventory, skills, current health at the time you quit, etc. and assign a ‘score’ reflecting your degree of success.

This could be awesome. I say yes.

I would also love to see this. It would be a great way to retire a character after growing bored, or a purely optional end-goal. “Survive for X days”

I’d be delighted to do the design / writing if someone would help me with the coding side of things (which I am singularly useless at).

What are the readily available metrics from a save game? Presumably we could read health related stuff, skills, contents of inventory, mutations, CBMs, location and so forth: I guess we could make a start with just those. I guess we could also list zombies within the bubble too?

Well, I also came up with some stories etc…

It was the end of a long road for him, He managed to dominate the local fungal blooms, destroying them to the last… He managed to purge the Triffid Colonies, so they wouldn’t be a threat to him (or others!). He regrouped the Old Guard, reorganizing the group and led a crusade against bandits everywhere.
Sadly, the horrors of the Laboratories haunted him and his men, not just mentally, but genetically as well. Nearly the entire regiment was mutated, some of which (including him) started to stop referring to themselves as “Humans”. However the entire regiment maintained their loyalty to the Old Guard, A large majority of them suffer from inhuman-like PTSD, and the Mutants in the regiment are nearly all carnivores, belonging to what the scientists say: “Beast-Mutational Genetics”.
They saved the Commander-In-Chief and managed to save many towns from the undead threat.
They are considered to be heroes and have been dispatched to the West-Coast to deal with the threats there. Many people owe them their lives, and actively support Equal-Mutant-Rights, as they too are American…

This would be a Old-Guard Ending… of course.
(Modifiers: Fanatical Loyalty, Beast Serum Use, Delved in Plenty of Labs, Seen plenty of Eldritch Creatures.)

It’s probably worth cross-checking this with the memorial log: anything that’s written there can probably be grabbed at the time of writing for a retirement check.

(Conversely, we can’t actually read the retirement info FROM the log, IIRC.)

Your main source of info is going to be the memorial log.
You can mine the player object for info about the current state of the player pretty easily.
Situational information about modifications to the map the player has made are going to be quite difficult.
OTOH you might add construction stats to the memorial and use that to inform the description somewhat.