Is there a way to close tears in reality?

–Found a portal on my non-Keith character, and it’s scarily close to my base. My very messy base that would take in-game days to sort though and move everything somewhere else. I have yet to see something spawn from it, (I think it’s inches out of my reality bubble) but it still scares me. I would prefer Roland not to die, especially since he isn’t immortal, like Keith.

There’s no way to close them yet. Portals are one of those unfinished content things that nobody is working on.

You could dig spike pits around it, or set up some furniture or stone walls to break line of sight. Personally, I’d say just avoid the crap out of it.

I don’t see why they are in the game if they are an unfinished feature. Same with those “Netherworld Contact” Lab Finales.

Honestly, would anything of value be lost if they were just removed from the game until further notice?


Doesn’t seems like too bad off an idea to temporarily remove them while they get worked on more.

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Why do you think the portals are unfinished? They are unclosable, and this is intended, what’s wrong with it?

What’s wrong with it? Really? Not to be rude, but it seems fairly obvious that many monsters from it are terrifically dangerous. And I’ve not even met one yet and I know that!

By “it” in “what’s wrong with it” I meant intended gameplay feature. In other words, what’s wrong with the concept of unclosable portals?

Nothing, specifically, is wrong with portals you can’t close. What’s wrong is the fact that you can’t do anything with portals, and they can barely do anything to you. They’re just scenery. Now, things that are obviously just scenery are fine, but portals look like content, which is why posts about how to close them (you can’t) or enter them (you can’t) or what they do (almost nothing) or how you can use them (you can’t) keep popping up.


Mainly because I have no reason to think they are finished. You can’t do anything interesting with them (stepping on to them does nothing). They’re one tile in size. They don’t even have their own unique sprite. They don’t spawn anything unique to them either.

Basically, for the same reason I think the “Netherworld Contact” lab is unfinished and should be removed until it is.

Think of it this way: Imagine playing a Super Smash Bros game with items on, and you grab a Pokeball. Generally, you could get any number of useful things out of that Pokeball. But instead, you get Goldeen, which is completely useless. That’s what getting the “Netherworld Contact” finale is like, and why I think it should be removed until it’s finished.

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I am guessing that you found a “tear in reality”, not a “portal”, and people are confused because portals genuinely do not do anything whereas extradimensional monsters sometimes emerge from a tear in reality.

Move your base. You don’t need to move everything, because you probably don’t even use most of your stuff. Think of it as an opportunity to find the useful things you acquired and forgot about, and forget about all the things that are collecting dust for good reason.

–Wait what? I didn’t know a ‘portal’ was any different from a ‘tear in reality’ since it seemed like the same thing to me… If they really are different, and there is a portal separate from a tear in reality, then I guess I just learned something new.
–There, now the title refers directly to the tears in reality, to make things more obvious.