Portals from realism viewpoint

What´s happen if a portal open between two planets/dimension and the atmospheric pressure and or gravity is very different?
To emulate that I use a edited regional_map_settings.json and weather_type.json that change the climate a lot, hurricanes and stuff like that all the time but I cant find a way to put a dialogue before the changes like : “A gigantic portal open far above in the sky, high pressure air enter and acid is pouring!”
I think open a portal cause lots of damage not just some wind, not to mention if the atmosphere in the other place is toxic. Is just a incredible coincidence the portals opens to a compatible places? What about the Mi-go?
Just want to chit chat, I use my imagination every time weather change for the fluff messages, no help needed.

“base_temperature”: 5.5,
“base_humidity”: 80.0,
“base_pressure”: 1005.0,
“base_wind”: 9.4,
“base_wind_distrib_peaks”: 90,
“base_wind_season_variation”: 50,
“weather_types”: [

It isn’t really clear how portals even work. For all we know only solids, liquids and exotic energies can get though negating most of the effects on the surrounding atmosphere.

The idea of them cousing some special localized weather effect would be cool however.

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“For all we know only solids, liquids and exotic energies can get though negating most of the effects on the surrounding atmosphere.”.
Perhaps a different kind of portal, some dimensional fatigue, but makes sense the how they work, air or water a high pressure can cut metals and probably its impossible to survive a transfer between incompatible dimensions. As an unrealistic example in “Goblin slayer” the main char uses a scroll to open a portal to deep sea an destroy a minotaur with the water beam. That´s the kind of portal I mean. A portal to Venus or Mercury for super hot wind and toxic atmosphere, rain of stones, there is a lot of possibilities.

Unless there is something in the lore I am not aware of, I feel like a portal to mercury would be a bad idea considering Mercury’s low atmospheric pressure.

The effect of a big portal between different world can be catastrophic.
Giant sky portals that can change climate, hurricanes that move items (“AO_FORCE_PULL”) that kind of stuff.
But in real life the flow of air/liquid probably can cut metals depending of the pressure difference, a bit difficult to living beings survive the trip and the sudden expansion or compression after crossing.

There is also they question how portals interect with portal storms. Maybe something like a portal to outer space would normally need something like liquid or a solide though but might let in air when reality weakens thus suking creating this great sucking vortex.

Wonder about the Mi-Go. How they travel? Their fortress don’t have portals nor ships.
There so much potential in portals, like jump in one and end in Aftershock exoplanet.

Their towers and camps have landing pads on the top. So it is implied that they use space ships.

Totally forgot about that. Been long without visiting Mi-Go places.

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