Pocket has zero max volume?

I recently booted up the latest experimental branch after not playing for a couple of months. I have worked out all bugs except bugs saying mags don’t have a max volume. I couldn’t see what I have wrong at all. I’ve looked at the game’s code as far as I can tell, it’s the same except certain parts.
Here’s the code for one of the mags that’s messed up. Below I’ll have the respective gun in case thats the issue.
“id”: “SVD_mag”,
“type”: “MAGAZINE”,
“name”: “SVD magazine”,
“description”: “A magazine for an SVD, it can hold 10 rounds.”,
“weight”: “168 g”,
“volume”: “250 ml”,
“price”: 8000,
“material”: “steel”,
“symbol”: “#”,
“color”: “light_gray”,
“looks_like”: “8x40_50_mag”,
“ammo_type”: [ “762R” ],
“capacity”: 10,
“reliability”: 10,
“flags”: [ “MAG_COMPACT” ],
“pocket_data”: [ { “pocket_type”: “MAGAZINE”, “rigid”: true, “ammo_restriction”: { "762R ": 10 } } ]

“id”: “SVD”,
“copy_from”: “gun_base”,
“reload_noise_volume”: 10,
“looks_like”: “pneumatic_bolt_driver”,
“type”: “GUN”,
“name”: “SVD”,
“name_plural”: “SVD”,
“description”: “The Dragunov sniper (SVD) rifle is quite possibly one of the most iconic sniper rifles in the wolrd. The rifle has an iconic stock design and an iconic overall design. The SVD was developed by the Soviet Military was saw field use starting in 1963. The rifle is so popular that over 50 countries use it.”,
“weight”: “4300 g”,
“volume”: “3 L”,
“price”: 500000,
“to_hit”: -2,
“bashing”: 8,
“material”: [“steel”, “plastic”, “wood” ],
“symbol”: “-”,
“ammo”: [ “762R” ],
“skill”: “rifle”,
“range”: 70,
“dispersion”: 30,
“durability”: 7,
“barrel_length”: “107 ml”,
“built_in_mods”: [ “rifle_scope”, “cheek_pad”, “shoulder_strap”, “bipod” ],
“valid_mod_locations”: [
[ “accessories”, 2 ],
[ “grip”, 1 ],
[ “mechanism”, 3 ],
[ “sights”, 1 ],
[ “sling”, 1 ],
[ “underbarrel”, 1 ]
“pocket_data”: [
“magazine_well”: “250 ml”,
“pocket_type”: “MAGAZINE_WELL”,
“holster”: true,
“max_contains_volume”: “20 L”,
“max_contains_weight”: “20 kg”,
“item_restriction”: [ “SVD_mag” ]

i mean, thats a modded gun fo-sho. what mod do you think its from?

(and i realize i’ve zombied an old thread again~ … i want that SVD though.)

If that’s still an issue, I can see a whitespace where it shouldn’t have one;
"ammo_restriction": { "762R ": 10 } should probably be "ammo_restriction": { "762R": 10 }.

However, I’m not sure if that’s really the problem, and if you don’t name the Version of your game as well as the exact error message you see (that’s why you can copy them to the clipboard) with it, I can’t/won’t test this.

With a certainty of [CALCULATION_ERROR], this is from his mod “Locked and Loaded” (id: Locked_and_Loaded).

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