Plot hole: Alarms

The electricity grid collapsed, lots of food rots due to fridges not working. Even important lab samples can rot.

But there are will still be alarms going off if you try to break into a random shed? Now you might say that there is a battery backup, but how long is it going to last? Must be atomic batteries, sealed into the concrete for safety.


That would be a good case to remove them.
Random houses alarms all having nuclear/plutonium batteries would be (at the very least) somewhat unrealistic considering the “real world” setting.

Some houses might have storage batteries or have some limited solar power/wind power. The last systeem that would remain functional is probably the alarm systeem given that it would be the simplest and protentially automated

Alarm system have to have batteries not to be rendered useless by burglars who would otherwise cut the power before entry, but those batteries are typically topped up by grid power, so they might remain functional for a few months before running out of power (and when active, the alarm would probably drain the power fairly quickly).

The summoning of eyebots is completely unrealistic, though, both because drone based security doesn’t exist yet, as far as I know, and because neither the land line nor the cell phone network is active in the apocalypse, so there is no way to summon them. Only very high end secured premises might use satellite phone connections as well (and the satellites would remain functional for some months or possibly many years until the absence of course correction orders would de-orbit them (assuming the cataclysm didn’t cause atmospheric expansion that would increase the drag on satellites, or EMP burst that would fry them).

First, we are talking about the close future, so drone security can be a fact.
Second, it could have sense to trigger alarms on the first days/weeks of apocalypse, but I agree that as time goes on, power should eventually go out

I would love to see CDDA do something like what Project Zomboid does where the electrical (and water) grid fail over a period of time in the first several weeks of the game.

On the topic of drone security, I work for a large tech company, and our office buildings 100% have security drones that autonomously investigate things like door alarms. They’re mostly wheeled indoor drones, but there’s no real technology barrier to using quadcopters for the same. It’s just a cost effectiveness / FAA regulation thing.

Of course the drones would run out of power too.


One way to handle it is just have any building with an alarm always spawn with a solar panel on the roof. Always a nice surprise to find them when you go up one, so the alarm would just let you know this house has power still.

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Emergency power at least