Please can we have an ACTIVATE ALL MODS

Hi all

For some reason my mods aint saving (s) so basically I add my mods to the mods I want activated then press s.

Says its saved but when I create a new game most are still not activated on the left hand side.
This has been like it for some time now but I usually just press

Down arrow enter
Down arrow enter
Down arrow enter
Down arrow enter ETC ETC

then good to go but yeah its getting slowwwww every time I create a new game.

Can we not have an activate ALL MODS this aint a problem for me as I only have the mods I want to use in the mods folder.

Or why is it not saving my mods list?.

Win 10 64bit
latest 64 bit tiles dev version of CDDA as of today :slight_smile:
Thank you

Such a button is a bad idea.

Fixing your issue that prevents mods from being saved, however, is a good solution to thins.

o_o If you’re on the mod screen of creating a new world, you can press ‘s’ to save your current modlist as the default. That way, next time you start a world, that list of mods will be automatically loaded.

It works for me. I don’t know why it wouldn’t work for you.