Plant mutation idea thing

Forecast - Allows you to get a reading on current and upcoming weather.
Maybe a different name? I got the idea from pine cones opening and closing based on dryness, though that might be a little far fetched for a forecast system.

Still, the whole… oozey nether goodness thing might accommodate such a mutation existing?

Currently there’s no use for this, and when acid rain does come out I think it’s fair that the player get SOME kind of warning of liquid death coming from the sky. I don’t think we need a mutation to cover the task of looking upwards.

Perhaps it and the DOPLAR weather thing and this mutation could extend a skilled forecaster’s range? By range I mean how accurate a survivor can be in predicting weather further in the future.

Weather prediction code already exists. An active mutation checking weather for the next hour every 30 minutes wouldn’t be hard to write.

But yeah - it wouldn’t be too useful. By the time you can have high-level mutations, rain is no longer a problem.

Yeah, that’s true. It’s not like you need a mutation to match every item and CBM anyway.

I kind of expect acid rain to involve ugly yellow-brown clouds of death or something clearly visible anyway. I’m assuming this is nether-weather and not our own manmade acid rain here.

I like the little reference to real-world biology, so the thought made me smile. If there’s another use for pinecone powers I’ll probably be one to play test it in experimentals though. Gotta keep my tree man reputation haha.