Planning on finally updating from an experimental version of 0.F from some time late last year to the current experimental; what should I know about making sure my current save runs smoothly?

Just making sure I know as much about what I’m getting into before I get started on the json edits I’m probably doing to need to do to get things working. I know I’ll have to do some edits to get my current save working after updating anyway, since I have some of my own edits to both core files and mods that will need to be carried over to the files in the updated version, and I’m wondering if I can use the “extend” function to take my custom expansions of basecamp recipes and other list-type things into a mod so that part of the update process can be made easier, but aside from that, what about things that are applicable to core data and mods that aren’t user-customized, and what do I need to know about updating mods that aren’t actively maintained so they’ll work with 0.G?

As a general answer to “What changed that I need to be aware of” the answer is mostly “Yes”. Without knowing more about your particular customizations, its going to be impossible to really guide anything just from the sheer volume of changes.

Just looking at F to G, we’ve got

7889 files changed, 11643312 insertions(+), 5022361 deletions(-)
13,201 commits

to scrape through. If your experimental is from late last year, its probably already been through the worst of the F to G updates, that timeframe should encroach into the freezes to prep for G.

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Ah… Would it still be worth it to keep the save, then, or no?

Depends how much effort you wanna put into it. You can always load a copy of the save, check the errors, hunt and fix, and repeat until it doesn’t catch fire/look wrong.

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Good idea. Will do. Thank you!