PKGBUILD missing... please help

Hi dears

I am trying to compile the game in manjaro (arch based) but i am unable to locate the PKGBUILD

Here is what I have done so far:

  • Install base-devel and git
  • create a folder for the compilation and move there, then run:
    git clone
  • go to the parent folder and then run:
    make -j12 LOCALIZE=0 NATIVE=linux64 RELEASE=1
    the process didn’t show any errors but i am unable to find the PKGBUILD file.

Any tips please? I have followed several guides but all of them assume i have a PKGBUILD file, and I don’t even after runing the make command.

Also followed the official guide but it doesn’t explain further after the “make” command:

Any help will be very appreciated. Thank you very much and merry christmas :slight_smile:

pkgbuild isn’t a requirement for native Linux builds, only Linux to Windows cross-compiles. I’m running the game all the time and I don’t have that package.

If that make command completed successfully, you should have a cataclysm executable in your Cataclysm-DDA directory, and ./cataclysm should start the game.

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omg you are right! it works! thank you so much @mlangsdorf

Now that you are here, that folder I believe it’s taking much more space than it actually needs. Is there any way to know which files I can delete safely in order to save up space?

Thanks a lot

You can safely delete the contents of obj/ after you’ve built a working executable. There’s nothing else I’d recommend, but that’s 64M on my system.

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thanks a lot for your reply

I am new to this linux and compiling thing and my game folder was taking 1.7gb because i just cloned the whole github. I have deleted every single file and directory except cataclysm.a and cataclysm*

the game works fine. Note that i play the ascii version with no sound or language packs. i will play it further and let you know if it’s fine to delete those. total size is 67.4mb now. I also deleted the save folder (it is impossible that savegames were taking 3mb because I only saved one character preset and one world) and i still have access to both world i preset i created. I didn’t save any game so can’t confirm this but should be easy to backup the folder and try yourself if you’re interested. My guess is that all needed files are bundled in cataclysm.a

I really wonder if I can delete the cataclysm* file too, and then leave alone the cataclysm.a which looks like the actual meat. Would be good if an admin can confirm the required files for minimal instalation.

cheers !

please ignore my last comment, the game is missing lots of things

I guess I need to delete only the github folder and the obj folder. thanks for your replies