Perhaphs change up the first aid kit

basically the kit would act like a sewing needle or the like in where it needs some sort of fuel, that being medical supplies, and you can fill it up to a 10 charges

but increase its base volume… and perhaphs a medkit that consumes medical supplys but also draws ups power for some more high tech first aid devices… like a health scanner, life detectors, and a electronic cauterizer.

This would be a neat idea, but moreso if the wound system was more fleshed out.

First an foremost, blood loss and infection need to be a more common hazard. Basically go with the idea I’ve mentioned before of making blood loss be a common result of cutting injuries, and have a bleeding wound drain from a blood meter instead of damage the affected body part. Blood would recover over time, but not be as easily healed on demand. There could of course be a few sci-fi items, bionics, etc to restore it.

Blood transfusions might also be an option, but that would be a difficult thing due to implement AND use, due to spoilage and blood types, unless we assume that synthetic blood is a futuretech thing. Plasma replacement would be more logical, as well as intravenous rehydration with saline solution or coconut water. We’d need a way to limit the effectiveness of it.

Second, infection. A possible result of any bleeding wound, but the chance should possibly be small, to avoid player annoyance. Disinfecting the wound first would massively reduce the risk of infection. We maybe should divide disinfecting items into more charges. Make the amount consumed depend on the severity of the wound.

Shelf-stable synthetic blood substitutes are already a thing.

By the time DDA takes place, they’d likely be quite common.

Kickass. Anyway, working on the first step, making blood loss more logical in operation.

I foresee many failed commits in my future.

EDIT: And as mentioned on that PR page, currently failing so hard even the Github client has no idea what the fuck to do.

If you want I can take a bit of a crack at it, the idea of a somewhat first aid rework has been floating around the top of my “things to do” list for a while now and I’ve got a fair bit of the idea already worked out in my personal thoughts/notes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I’d rather you or someone otherwise more competent than me implement bleeding. ._.