Pepperbox revolver. info need

i found that revolver-pistol for paper-cartridges
What accessories are available in the game for the gun,
with the proviso that the slot in the accessory of the weapon only one?

I think the Accessories slot is either there due to an oversight or future plans, because the only accessory mod available for handguns is the brass catcher. The pepperbox doesn’t use brass casings so it’s useless.

Original creator of the Pepperbox here. I had originally intended for the only accessories available for the pepperbox to be a different grip, seeing as that’s the only real thing you could attach that would be of any benefit, such as a polymer grip. Pepperboxes aren’t really inducive to any modification, aside from changes in barrel length. But since there’s 6 barrels, any increase in the length could compromise the action that rotates them. Since I never got around to making a grip modification that fits the pepperbox, the accessory slot is currently useless.

Are you going to add the grip?

Probably never, seeing as how it is essentially an antique weapon. It would be pretty difficult and time consuming to manufacture a custom grip for an antique weapon, and anything the player can make probably won’t be any form of an ‘upgrade’ for it.

So it’s a possible modification but the knowledge was lost due to advancement time, that’s awesome actually.