Pepper spray for grizzly bears?

In the documentary Grizzly Man from Werner Herzog it is mentioned that the guy who got mauled by a grizzly didnt take proper Protection measures.

Like having an electric fence around camp.
And carrying pepper spray in case of a bear Attack. This could temporarily blind and pain and frighten creatures and NPCs without proper googles.

Could that be a thing?

It’s not pepper spray, it’s Bear Mace. There’s a difference between the two, actually.

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Belongs in every C:DDA cottage.

A spray that can blind critters and zeds? yes please.

I know that standard mace/pepper spray will ‘fill up’ an area when fired indoors, affecting others that are within close proximity. Bear spray is a lot more powerful, stable stream but I wonder if it would still do that.

I’m imagining you spraying an NPC in the face inside a shelter and having the ‘cloud’ hanging in the air the way smoke does for a period of time, blinding and irritating everyone within a tile or three.

Because when I hear bear mace I think ‘Spraying humans in the face’.

Plus it rhymes.

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It rhymes and what rhymes is good said Pumuckl.

It could be a fog, a bit like the smoke from smoker zombie. Only smaller, yellow. And spicy.