0.B Vehicle Tracking Notification deactivates itself on load

I have the PDA, the tracking device is on and…

…After loading I always have to go back to the vehicle and deactivate/activate it (Droping the PDA and getting it back doesn’t do the trick) so the “c” appears again on the map. In principle a minor nuissance but… Precissely finding your vehicle after a while after loading (Specially if your previous session is a few days back) is the most usefull feature this component can be used for, imho.

…Which is totally defeated by this minor bug (I say minor in the impact… But I have the feeling it could take forever to fix depending on how the world is loaded).

I wish to highlight that the state of the device is correctly saved, there is no problem in that… Is just the map notification that desynchs after a load.

Yeah I’ve experienced this, I thought it just flat out wasn’t working but I managed to fix it after turning the device off and on again. It really does make it kinda useless.

Losing the map synch defeats the tracker’s purpose, so yeah, that’s a bug. Thanks for reporting.