Passing out, bug or feature? [Build 9124]

New character, new world, no external mods, “infected scenario”

I managed to find some Atreyupan and got from “pus infested torso” to “recovering from infection”, which is good. The problem is, I’m now passing out 40 times an hour on average (game time, and no I’m not exagerating), day and night, making it impossible to raid, explore, drive a vehicle (when you pass out you somehow keep the exact pressure on gas pedal), which I’m totally fine with and actually find very cool, but it also makes it extremely tedious for the player to do anything else (craft, read, sleep. Yes, passing out somehow interrupts sleeps). Is there a drug I can take to pass out less often? Or an option to automatically go back to what I was doing after I wake up?

Edit: (SPOILERS) I haven’t taken any other drugs, haven’t been in contact with weird monsters for over a day (ie flaming eye), don’t have other serious injuries, I’m perfectly rested, I really don’t think anything else besides the “recovering from infection” could be causing the passing out

Edit, again: (SPOILERS) Ok, I took an antifungal drug, and the passing out stopped. I had also started to taste and smell mushroom, and vomit the grey goo, etc, you know how it goes. I had automatically excluded this possibility as I was playing with the “no fungal monsters” mod enabled, and I had no idea the flaming eye could do that. Anyway, the passing out might still be a little exagerated, even for the fungal infection.

TL, DR: I got fungal infected, passing out is waay too frequent

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