Parallel reality in CDDA world?

how time passes in the game world? or maybe it is not quite the “time”?

If I ran into the same world of some of his characters so that they helped each other. Well, let’s say, one character (figure 1) was surrounded by a bunch of strangers exposed. this means that the character 1 is doomed if it does not help to arrive. and if you take another character (character 2) and let him help. what will happen at all?
for some reason my character 2 found no one in the place where it should be 1 character surrounded on all sides.
sorry, that did not turn out to help “fire and maneuver”. I was able to leave only next to the character 1 truck packed with a loaded gun and ammunition. and truck “passed through” - the time, or something else, or may “parallel reality”? the fact is that I was able to help the character case. sorry that did not work to help the action - fire.

And now the question - why did it happen? the battle for the character 1 character 2 has not come yet? whether it is possible in some cavern has stayed to wait for the hour? and here it is in the mechanism of the game, that is, enemies become, relatively speaking, “property” 1 character and become “invisible” for the character 2? I’m right?

You are WAY over thinking it. The world progresses from whatever the latest time is on the world. Or rather, the World continues no mater what character is playing in it. If Person A is at day 200, then B joins, they start at day 200, if they play for 50 days and then die and A continues from day 250.

Only things in the reality bubble move forward however, everything else is frozen so your computer doesn’t have to calculate the anthill fighting the Triffids and zombies 20 towns over etc. Food and other items are crosschecked upon entering the reality bubble however, so if they are not in a cold location they will rot while you are away, or more specifically when they reenter the reality bubble.

ok. with time - ok.

but how about enemies?
if A enter into bubble of B - what to be with the enemies with A fighting?
B don’t see them.

I have a suggestion that when playing A, and he fights with monsters - the monsters are attributed to the player A and when the same place comes B then those monsters who were associated with A at the exits A from the game, too, "out of the game "… strange, but according to the logic goes that this is so.

Well enemies are either remembered, or de-spawned when they leave the reality bubble. I think CDDA despawns everything except zombies, which if there are enough become a horde with a saved density/ form and allowed to “travel” around the map in horde form until they get to far away from the player and despawn, or too close and spawn as a horde of zombies just inside the reality bubble.

Something like that. Don’t quote me on it.

ok. understand.