Pallet lifter frame help pls

Ive made a pallet lifter and a frame but I dont know how to put them together or if Im supposed to put them together I have no idea what im doing pls help

The pallet lifter is a vehicle part. To use it, you must mount it on a vehicle. The frame you made can be used to make one. To start making a new vehicle, you need to open the construction menu (* by default) and select the option to build a new vehicle. Then you need to install the pallet lifter on it : (e)xamine the vehicle and (i)nstall the pallet lifter.
To be useful, it will need wheels, so you can drag it around. If your vehicle is only one tile, you can use caster wheels from a shopping cart or office chair.
Alternatively, you can use a foldable frame, craftable from pipes, to make a pallet lifter you can take with you.
This page of the wiki will help you further :

ah ok I got it now, none of the other thread mentioned a way to put them together, thankyou!!!