Option to make the game with scale with you over time

I think this can be a numbered scale like the option for number of zombies. This idea came from me from another post about different town difficulty levels. I suggested many different town sizes.

  1. option to increase spawns as time goes by. This one is for advanced players. It would force you to think about what you want to do AND get a strong base and getaway car. we could do this with 2 options:
    – a numbered amount that increases difficulty. To make it simple. Same from 1,2,3,4,5. And you can add sort of an exponential increase over time to some level
    – the ability to pick how much spawns increase and what time. say every week or every 2 weeks, spawns go up by 50%.

  2. Option to break down by spawn type. This might be a difficult change, so making it separate.
    – increase zombie spawns
    – increase blobs, etc…
    – incresase % special zombies.
    – increase/decrease wildlife (less wildlife makes it harder to get food).
    – increase packs. so when wolves spawn you get more in a group.
    – increase nether spawns. I forget the special name for this

Stuff like that. Not sure if its possible to do that without a major change

  1. Option to have the game scale as you get stronger instead of over time. This can be less stressful. If over time ,you gotta be really careful and plan. With this one it gets harder as you get stronger, so you get the option based on
    – for every X points in skill or stat, spawns go up by X%
    – for every good mutation, spawns go up by X %

note, I know that some good mutations are arguably bad and vice versa, its why I want the option.

  1. option for lower wildlife spawns in the winter. make winter very hard.
  2. Options to make the weather get worse. so more storms , more cold weather.


Youtoo, you have slightly good ideas, but…

I’m fairly certain that it’s already been suggested.

[quote=“Mrnocamera, post:3, topic:5348”]Youtoo, you have slightly good ideas, but…

I’m fairly certain that it’s already been suggested.[/quote]

It was already suggested, IIRC by youtoo himself.

Basic plans are to have realistic increases in difficulty. So as you go things like fungaloids or triffids would spread, and wandering zombie hordes might become a little more common. Also larger wildlife will begin to disappear, being replaced with their zombified version (smaller wildlife is immune to this). What we will not do is suddenly increase the HP of all zombies or turn all of them into Hulks just because the player gained another mutation or level in melee.

Smaller wildlife should increase drastically in number if all larger wildlife becomes zombified.

Just because they are zombies doesn’t mean predation decreases. In fact if anything predation of smaller animals would probably increase, since the larger ones don’t sleep and kill anything they find instead of only hunting when they are hungry.