Option for "Hardcore" Injuries

I agree that early combat is a bit limited, but running away is really, really good.
Did you actually run or just tried to walk away?[/quote]Yeah, by the sound of it, Paul seems to not know what the sprinting system in the game is. Assuming you’re using the newest experimentals (not sure how long ago it was added in), you press the " key to enter sprinting mode, which consumes stamina but flat out doubles your running speed.[/quote]

I know about the sprinting mechanic and it’s certainly helpful. It’d still be cool to target limbs of enemies, even if the enemies are all buffed to compensate for this. I don’t really mind about the whole running thing because it’s still fun, I was just using speedy enemies as an example as to how you could get more of those epic heart pumping ‘moments’, where you JUST survive an encounter by managing to break that Hulk’s leg with a well placed thwack of a crowbar. Managing to JUST survive getting obliterated by some sort of security robot by shooting out it’s camera in a last ditch effort with no other way to escape. Getting surrounded by a couple of NPCs and managing to kick one in the chest so hard they’re out of action for a while, coughing and spluttering - allowing you chance to focus on the other and survive what would otherwise be death in a 2v1.

In regards to ‘running away’, I find that getting punted a few tiles by a brute or a hulk will deal enough damage that my character won’t be able to get away even if he starts sprinting due to the penalties. I appreciate this is largely down to player error - should’ve noticed that hulk/brute earlier and run away from it, and maybe my post was a bit too focused on that specific case - I’d just lost a character by running around a corner straight into a brute who did enough damage that he couldn’t run away even with sprinting enabled. I’m largely arguing for targetted limb damage and more obvious effects of limb damage to players and enemies!

Well, in terms of optional “called attacks” upon enemies, one that I’d like would be:
-Have the option to deliberately have your weapon ‘stick in’ to an enemy, if possible. (no less likely to stick in than at 0 skill, increased chance of sticking in based on stabbing skill and weapon stats)
-Have weapons stuck into enemies debuff their speed and dex rolls significantly, and have it stack, based on the damage dealt by the sticking-attack and the volume and weight of the weapon.

This would allow an interesting scenario where someone, using stabbing implements, can manage to nearly-immobilize an extremely tough and rather threatening enemy by essentially stapling it’s body with knives, sharpened rebar, pointy sticks, etc.

i think that we do not need “hardcore” medical system but more complex one (less rpg like)
i think that we need something more than one health bar, probaly new menu where we can view our health status and we are just noticed with messages that something changed because ui is already full of stuff, maybe new tab in character menu?

lets say we have a blood stat, bleeding do not damage limbs but blood
but what about other things? lets rename blood stat to health stat, stat what covers blood, internal organs and other conditions
lets say we get poisoned, it damages our internal organs and other thing, in vanilia we just use bandages on our bodyparts

limb lossing? well i do not like this idea, if we plan to do it we should add some unrealistic ability to do something about it, hi-tech bionic limbs, wooden leg, lizard mutagen mutations

Personally, I consider MGS3’s Cure system to be the perfect median between “overly complicated system” and “overly abstracted system” (although, admittedly, pausing every time you got hurt to patch yourself up was kind of irritating in a stealth action game, but it isn’t an issue in a roguelike like this.) So, a quick overview of its inner workings:

Things we already have:

  • Stopping bleeding
  • Disinfecting wounds
  • Splints on broken limbs

Things we do not have:

  • Sutures
  • Burn ointment
  • Antidotes and digestive medicine

Things we should not have:

  • Digging out bullets (this is a terrible idea, at least in the field, seeing as they aren’t made out of lead anymore and are therefore mostly harmless I am a moron)
  • Perpetually-lit anti-leech cigars :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that burns being a unique injury and having burn ointment would be a good idea that wouldn’t be too difficult to implement, and stitching wounds using needles and sewing kits would be interesting; I’d suggest that patching yourself up with bandages or a first aid kit while you have a sewing kit or needle and thread in your inventory would offer the option to suture the wound, with a slightly increased risk of screwing up at low first aid levels and a higher health restoration rate to compensate.

Antidotes and digestive medicine could be handy. It’s frustrating having to wait around for ages for nausea to end, and antidotes would be nice when fighting spiders, wasps, and triffids.

So you like my Suture ideas…how pleasing =)