Optimal settings for peak performance

What are the settings recommended to keep the game running smooth and load times quick, now that Z-levels are permanently active

  • Rendering setting?

    • Direct3D, Direct3D11, OpenGL, Software
  • Scaling mode?

    • No scaling, Nearest neighbor, Linear filtering
  • Scaling factor?

    • 1x, 2x, 4x
  • How much of an impact is experimental 3D field of vision?

  • Does fullscreen improve performance over borderless?

  • Is there a way to allocate more memory to the game?

  • Would a lower terminal height and width make a difference?

  • Any other settings worth changing?


Graphical options performance is tied to your system and you need to test by yourself which values are working better for you. Anyway they do not affect loading times whatsoever (save for tileset loading, which is pretty insignificant compared to size of other data that is being loaded).

Applications take as much memory as they need, you do not need (and actually cannot) increase allocated memory manually. Even if you could that won’t affect performance to the better.

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you can increase memory allocation to make applications work (sometimes it is even required(not on cataclysm of course, but on other applications such as GTA 5 on my pc to get it to run, AT ALL, I need to give it like 90% memory allocation and having even 1 other application open (even notepad) causes it to not work) or necessary for higher fps)

Memory management is done via operating system and mostly automatic. Normally you cannot and should not control it.

You can control it I know I have done that multiple times. In one instance I had 8 gigs of ram a minecraft modpack allocated itself 6 gigs which was not enough to make it run, I than changed it to 6.8 gigs which allowed it to run.
Changed memory allocation on macos 11 point something, (That mac was AWFUL and an update DISABLED THE GPU AND ANOTHER DISABLED THE INTEGRATED GRAPHICS CHIP making the cpu do EVERYTHING and the cpu was AWFUL (a core 2 duo)) Windows 10/7, and ubuntu the only os that was different from default was ubuntu which was made slightly less resource intensive.

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