On water wheels and hydro power

So how exactly do water wheels work? I’ve done research up and done and even tested a few things in game, but I’m having a rough time figuring it out. From what I can tell, there are two water wheel types, but at the current moment I only have access to one.

Would it be possible to turn facilities like sewage treatment plants into hydro facilities using water wheels or large water wheels?

Water wheels and large water wheels provide passive power generation to vehicles they’re installed in, but only if the vehicle tile they’re installed in is located over flowing shallow water. A pond would provide no charge, but the bank of a river would, for instance. I’m unsure of what variables can affect the power generation from water wheels, but under default conditions, a water wheel provides 80w/second, and a large water wheel provides 180w/second. If you have the means to build a few, and the location in which to build them, they could easily outpace standard solar panels in passive power generation. While water wheels could be a source of power generation on a boat, they also provide a good amount of drag, and may slow the vehicle too much to be worth it.