Make electricity with foot paddle and avoid walls

I want to make electricity in the basement of a house.
I made a 1 tile vehile with foot paddle, seat, truck alternator, and battery.
But I can’t drive it.
I don’t want to install wheel and move round and around in the basement.
How to make electricity without bumping into wall?

You need a smaller alternator. Try a bicycle alternator.

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You still need vehicle controls.

I made it work. Thanks.

The vehicle has: seat, foot paddle, car alternator, battery, and frame.

No, foot pedals count as controls, as specified in their description.

As long as you sit in the seat, and have a hand on the controls (^ on seat tile), you use the pedals to generate, BUT due to a change to them, the only alternator that works is the aforementioned bike alternator.

There was a change to how alternators work?

Yes, but mostly to pedals, so they can’t use EVERY alternator, only a special one.

Yeah, It seems that the sort of alternator that large trucks use IRL takes like 3 horsepower before it starts generating electricity, and as it turns out, three horses can pull way harder than one human can. :smiley:
So yeah, a smaller alternator is needed.

Actually a car alternator works.
I can’t find any bike alternator near the lab.

What version are you on, if latest then bravo I didn’t know that

Experimental version downloaded on Jan 18.

Yeah I thought about it after I posted, I seem to never use them so i didn’t know.