On the subject of zombies

… skeletons?

also having to pulp them after they’re dead?

“Skeletons” are just fleshy zombies with bone armor instead of skin.

They of course need to be pulped like fleshy zombies.

i mean, yeah… but assuming their biology is still -relatively- humanoid… how would that work… use up the bodies resources to grow bones like crazy until they’re not only massively dense but protruding from the skin? perhaps even turning skin into calcified bone-like bits… but in the case of the head, this shouldnt make that much of a diffrence, seeing as how the head is already mostly bone with a thin layer of skin… doing the same sort of bone transformation there would likely end up with part of the brain destroyed, leaving the body useless more or less

i may also just be overthinking this.

theres also zombies that are closer to cryptids than actual zombies.

I’m not a lore person, but I don’t think The Blob gives a shit about respecting the law of conservation of mass.


There was a lenghy discussion in an other topic that touched shortly on the existence of Skeletal Zombies.
Here is a quick quotes out of it:

And the last post of that topic sums it up quite nicely:

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headless zombies too… i mean, if you think of the human body as one big machine, the brain sends signals down the nervous system to the body to move… i guess you could say in the case of a headless zombie that they’ve circumvented the nerves and are controlling the body themselves… similar to how the hollow zombies do (though thats more meat-puppet than actual control)

Headless zombies are part of a mod not the base game. The closed you get to headless zombies is the brainless zombie that has a good part of it’s skull and brain destroyed but presumably has te brainstem intact.

Headless zombies are in the base game.

Think of it this way:
The blob has a bunch of zombies, but they’re tiny actors in the broad scheme (like individual cells are to you). It also has effectively unlimited energy (from our scale).

So when it creates a zombie, it tries to work with what’s there. If there’s a brain, great! That’s the easiest path to making it’s zombie. But it doesn’t care about that particularly, and it doesn’t need to preserve that - a (bigger) shell of bone around the head is great, it’ll handle the consequences and even it out.

The headless zombies? They don’t have a brain, but that doesn’t matter. It can work that out.

A pretty natural question for this to bring is what does killing zombies mean? What does pulping them mean? So, here are the answers: killing a zombie means incapacitating them to the point that they cannot provide a reasonable threat to anything. Pulping a zombie is causing enough damage that it is no longer a worthwhile investment for the blob to repair the damage and get it running again (at least for a fair bit of time).


I thought it was something about the blob finding earth inhospitable to its purer form’s and choosing to parasitize earth life instead. And that since a zombie is effectively a meat shell (metabolism is still going and the blob is just keeping the body from falling apart) if you damage the shell enough the blob simply can’t repair it anymore and the body dies regardless and the blob inside it dies as well.