On Spoilage and Temperature

Currently, it seems like food spoils at the same rate no matter what the temperature is, a freshly butchered cut of meat will rot at the same rate in the sun in 100 degree weather as it does stored in a 16 degree ice lab.
Why not have food spoilage rates be tied to the temperature of the area they’re stored in, and how they’re stored, just like real life. For example, popping that freshly butchered moose in a locker or other such container in a cold area will keep it edible(if not fresh) for longer than if you kept it out on the floor/counter/table in the same area, and that would keep the meat fresher than in a warm area, ETC, ETC. Perhaps have different foods be affected at different rates as well.

On a semi-related note the “hot” tag seems to stay regardless of temp if it’s stored in any kind of vehicle container (…Like the mini-fridge) But yeah I always found it a little amusing to find rotten (and liquid) milk in a bottom floor ice lab, IT’S -180 AND WE’VE GOT LIQUID ROTTEN MILK. WHY NOT.

Perhaps add (Frozen) tags to certain liquids if stored too cold? Might not be a bad way to get milk to keep.