So herp derp so many tools taking up valuable characters in the inv screen. Make a crafting recipe including all the tools of all types you would ever need. Call it what you like. Make it weight the same and take up as much space as all the tools highest values (so if someone used a stone ax that weighed more than a regular one it would count the stone ax’s stats. For balance). Make any crafting recipe that requires any tools use this for all of them.

There ya go, inventory much better.

Well, they could add a “Swiss Army Knife” or some such omnitool, it could be a knife, screwdriver, and wood saw. Welder could be added to soldering recipes (but takes two ‘antenna-like’ objects, like knifes or antennae).

It’d be nice if instead of requiring explicit elements for the recipes, they had flags. Like ‘hammer’ would be a flag for each of the hammers, with a quality indicator to help vary the times/quality/success rate of the outcome. Liquids or ‘ammo’ ingredients like batteries could have a consumption number specified in the crafting recipe, like concentrated acid can be made with 125 batteries or 1x acid rain, so count-flag one of the concentrated acid could be ‘ammo-like’ consumption: 125, but flag 2 could be ‘liquid’ consumption, 1, and could use ammonia or acid rain.

It’d take a while to put in a standard array for it, but I’d imagine you could have most types, including ‘natural-rope-likes’ for sinew, ‘artificial-rope-likes 1-2-3-4’ to indicate lengths. If used like DMflags, all of the types could be stored in 2-8 bytes per recipe, though counts would be larger (though how big is like 32-64 bytes compared to writing out every single ingredient possible). On the bytes, byte 1 could be like blade-likes (small, medium, large, dull, etc), byte two could be tool-likes (hammer, low-dig, full-dig, screwdriver, solder, welder, weldergoggles) another byte or two could be for electronics, like batteries, ram, processors, bionics.

This would make it slightly more complicated in a way, as you’d go to the recipes and see “uses hammer-like, consumes rock-like”, but then in the items, you could see the flags immediately or hit a key and see all it’s item connotation flags, such as under batteries you’d have electrical-ammo-like and acid-like.

There’d be a lot of redundancy because obviously batteries are the only electrical-ammo-like, but it’d allow for multiple kinds of batteries including quality and/or explosion risk, different kinds of UPS with different charge consumption based on UPS, battery quality, and consumption rate of the device in question.

In the end it’d probably simplify A LOT of things, because then you could have sharpening stones which are applied to cut-weapons or sharp-likes, a battery charger could charge 'rechargeables" like NiCADs which lose charge on recharging, NIMH which don’t lose charge, and LiIon which have similar total charge but last longer, and it’d be a lot easier to manage quality/effectiveness/durability this way.

I just realized, I might make a separate thread, as switching things to a flag/quality system could greatly simplify crafting, as instead of having the distinct items like a fur hat, you could have “hat”, then select some traits like small/medium/heavy, material type cloth/fur/plastic, and it could tell you the stats, more like a procedural system.

For armor at least, this could make it so you do like ‘torso-armor’->heavy->chitin and it would be like 100 thread or 100 sinew/8 chunks of chitin/defense blah encumberment blah warmth blah.

All these lists could be dynamically generated from items being inventoried by the JSON importer and organized into sections so even if someone adds a new material, like they add kevlar as an armor-crafting ingredient for more things, it’d be added to the list with its own flags like unfittable, base-encumber .5*count, etc, which would instantly propogate to all recipes that it could be used in.

What? We already have a… WHERE’D THE TOOLSET GO!!!

Aaagh, ok will be re-adding that, there used to be toolset items and recipes that acted as a collection of tools, but that… disappeared at some point?

Much like the elusive fishing pole. I want fishing back.

So basically you are asking for an integrated tool set that takes up an inventory slot and doesn’t need to be installed.

its an easy addition, and ill try to do it if nobody beats me to it, just need to make a toolbox tool, and tweak some recipes xD

[quote=“Kevin Granade, post:4, topic:2219”]What? We already have a… WHERE’D THE TOOLSET GO!!!

Aaagh, ok will be re-adding that, there used to be toolset items and recipes that acted as a collection of tools, but that… disappeared at some point?[/quote]
It must have been at least prior to .5, since there hasn’t ever been a toolset for as long as I’ve been here. Suggestions to do it, yes, but not an actual item.

Removed prior to 02Feb. I’ve never seen a non-Integrated Toolset.