Oh God Its Him!: Reputation/Fame/Infamy with Factions

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Right now, everyone in a faction treats you one of two ways: Neutral/Friendly or Hostile/kill on sight. This is perfect for the start of the game, because you are NOT SPECIAL. Nobody knows you, and no one cares what you do. If you rock the boat enough though this might change.

Interacting with the various factions, especially if you are doing a lot of work for them, trading with them, or attacking them could potentially make you more well known. Make a big enough splash and your reputation will not be restricted to a single settlement, though how far it might spread could vary based on what you have done and how you appear; unique artifact clothing or equipment, extensive mutations, etc are going to make you more readily identifiable and memorable. This might be good, bad, or a mix of both depending on what you did and who has heard about it.

The deeds themselves could vary widely in magnitude, morality, and memorability. For example:

  • A heavily mutated individual will be very noticeable, and might draw the attention of certain anti-mutant factions if they show up at a settlement.
  • An accomplished mercenary might only be known by his clients and their close associated factions or settlements.
  • A US marshal responsible for killing large numbers of bandits might be especially feared and reviled by raider type factions, and known among settlements with ties to the Old Guard.
  • Setting off a mininuke will get people asking questions the next time you speak with someone. If you reveal it was you, they might want to know why, and word will probably spread that you have access to nukes…
  • Wearing/wielding exotic or rare equipment and weaponry like a plasma rifle and power armor is going to get people’s attention, since those things don’t exactly grow on trees. This might not be enough to create a reputation, but if you are already somewhat known, it could magnify it.
  • Committing cannibalism in public will make you reviled by almost every settlement nearby… unless you kill all the witnesses.

If your deeds are significant enough, after your death your next character in that world might even hear tales from NPC’s about your last character and their exploits.


Please contribute code or JSON to make this happen.


To make this idea work, I suspect I will have to wait until the NPC faction system is overhauled; last I heard it was a mostly nonfunctional mess, though that may have changed.

The JSON portions for interactions and varying responses I could do, but I’m not sure if there is currently a way to link some of your actions and other things to your reputation and to NPC responses.

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There is a way for NPCs to react to yout stats and skill (opinion) Maybe you could use the same logic behind that code?

I am generally pretty decent at adding the code to expand NPC dialogue JSON functionality when it seems likely that people are going to use it.

You can already implement at least some of these ideas, such as NPCs commenting on your exotic weapons and power armor. You could start working on that while I am working on improving factions.