Og: The Caveman/Cavemanette

Og say hi.
Og here tell about game.
Game with caveman.
Game with zombies.

Create person like caveman.
Og think should be strong like Og.
Og think also be tough like Og.

Person be naked.
Person not use backpack unless make.
Person not use gun unless make.
Person not use lighter unless make.

Og think tough.
Og think very fun.

Og is happy.


Og wants to tell about a Cataclysm gameplay style based around creating a character that, for all intents and purposes, is a caveman.

The person should be like a caveman, strong, tough, capable of eating basicly anything, but not to bright.

Usage of the shower victim is basically necessary for this.
You can’t use any tools, clothing, etc. Unless you make it or know how to make it. That means no backpack until you have made it.
Or pipes.
Or crowbars.
Or guns.
Or pants.
Especially no pants.

This can be a tad bit challenging, but is very fun.

Happy surviving everyone.

Ogette predict many loincloth and sharpened stick be had.

Ogette predict stone hammer and pot very useful. Also predict fire drill and bone needle necessary.

Ogette think city size 1 would be best for this style of play.

Ogette think kitties are nice.

Ogette is done now.

[size=8pt]edit: Ogette edit city size. Ogette very sorry.[/size]

How do you make city size zero? Smallest I can get is one.

Ogette sorry. Ogette forget that city size was given minimum value of one a couple moons ago.

Ogette offers kitties as atonement.

Cuddly, adorable, delicious kitties. Ogette very sorry.

Ogette now recommend city size of one instead of zero.

Ugrak Gro-Thug began journey into Cataclysm with this ruleset

Ugrak had no items in safehouse.

Ugrak thought this was fitting.

Ugrak knew how to make a makeshift crowbar, so he made one.

Ugrak looked at his map and saw a one-tile large river in the middle of a swamp.

Ugrak thinks strange things are afoot.

Ugrak thinks he should go for the sewage treatment plant to the south.

Ugrak is having lots of !FUN! so far.

Dal-Um found a chocolate bar.
Dal-Um beat five ZOMBEARS down with Krav Maga.
Dal-Um eating wild game.
Dal-Um sleepy.

Og not trust Krav Maga.
Og not know any skill.
Og loincloth itch.
Og like sharp stone.
Sharp stone good.

Dal-Um learn Krav Maga from great creator god. Need to live. Creator god not good enough to fight without.

Og use pointies.
Og hunt for things.
Og cut things make needle.
Og make thing hold points.
Og throw pointies for hunt.
Og always have food.
Og still thirsty.
Og not know carry water.

Nug-Lug like stone hammer. Nug-Lug like it very many.
Nug-Lug drink some strange liquid on corpse. It taste weird. Suddenly Nug-Lug grow SPIKES!

Og life good!
Og found funny water.
Funny water make feel funny.
Funny water make Og throat burn.
Funny water taste good.
Og like funny water!

Og know make glowing!
Glowing make Og feel good.
Glowing make Og food taste good.
Glowing scare big hunt away.
Glowing make Og safe.
Og like glowing!

Og have many pointies!
Points give Og much food!
All hunt is Og hunt!

River far from Og.
Og have walk to river every day.
Og not like walk.
Og thirsty.
Og want carry river.

Og wonder where other Cavemen live.

Dul-Um live on bridge.
Dul-Um use metal mountains to make cave without roof.
Dul-Um beat up giant bugs and frogs for meat.
Dul-Um get sick from water.
Dul-Um need way to make water not make Dul-Um sick.

(Also is this just the degenerate’s what’s going on in your apocalypse thread?)

(No. Well, a little bit. It was originally intended as a gameplay challenge/playstyle, with a touch of RP to it. Honestly, i feel that this forum could use more of thing like this, or such. Such threads tend to have a level of discussion of how to go about this new challenge, and to a degree sharing whats going on. )

[quote=“gtaguy, post:13, topic:5080”]Dul-Um live on bridge.
Dul-Um use metal mountains to make cave without roof.
Dul-Um beat up giant bugs and frogs for meat.
Dul-Um get sick from water.
Dul-Um need way to make water not make Dul-Um sick.[/quote]

Og use glowing make food better.
Og make sack hold water.
Glowing make water better.
Og find leaves.
Og put leaves in water.
Glowing make leaf-water.
Leaf-water good!

Dul-Um make thing that sit on head. Thing made of rocks.
Dul-Um put water on thing, then put fire under.
Dul-Um make water that not make sick.
Dul-Um looks at pictures on leaf-things, look at pretty kitties.

Nug-Lug find weapon. It shoot pointy thing.
Nug-Lug also find weird water! Nug-Lug like.
Nug-Lug find hole in ground. Nug-Lug grow antler when in hole in ground.

Og not know make pointy shoot.
Og not trust pointy shoot.
Og think hunt Nug-Lug.
Nug-Lug have antler.
Antler mean good hunt.

Um-Um like!

Nug-Lug use pointy shoot if Og attack. Nug-Lug no like attack.
Nug-Lug eat human meat. Nug-Lug Cannibal.

Ugrak Gro-Thug realized he took Cannibal but turned off other cavemen in options.
Ugrak also realized too late that the sewage treatment plant he was going for was actually slime pit.
Needless to say, Ugrak die.
Ugrak got tired of death and un-died, and made himself not a cannibal this time.
Ugrak found rock.
Ugrak found metal pointy.
Ugrak broke hard-water on cave walls and got vine-thing and large thin pelt.
Ugrak made knife spear.
Knife spear good.
Good for cutting.
Good for stab.
Good for hunt.
Ugrak made loincloth.
Feels good man.
Ugrak need water now.