Obsolete survior helmets

So I was looking thru the updates to see when some of the mods were set to obsolete, and noticed fire weapons and survivor helmets were made obsolete. Fire weapons I get because they just are goofy and really don’t work in real life, but Why survivor helmets?


Well, they might no longer get maintained or get/got merged into the main game.

Some hours ago, you posted a reply on a topic which discussed that earlier:

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Just read the description in the PR - https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/pull/37524

No offense but you should read the whole post before replying.

It would help if you explained what exactly was removed from main branch.
Not everyone keeps a log of changes between every next experimental version and the one from a day before.

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Well, you know, I did read the whole post, that’s why I said that there can be multiple reasons for it to be made obsolete, not just because “it doesn’t work in real life” (spoiler: Zombies also don’t, but they’re still in the game (thankfully) :wink: ).

Isn’t one of the biggest points in survivor stuff to get 100% coverage and environmental protection tho? Survivor helmets could be just a modification on tactical gear to achieve that, without providing any additional damage protection.

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