NPCs, what can they do?


For underground camps, you think it would be possible to assign your minions to dig out designated sections, like in dwarf fortress? I would love to build an underground vault city, but I REALLY don’t want to have to dig out every square foot myself.


Eventually, maybe? At some point there will be flexible building options but that’s a long way away.


The unconsolidated changelog summaries are already in the CDDA directory as txt files. Though how useful:

Balance Drop remaining ues of tools and bigtools
Bugfixes Fix regression of ammo_effects
Bugfixes Misc gunmod fixes
Balance Reduce recoil penalty during burst fire
Balance Drop charge rifle
Balance Remove default entries from comestibles part 3
Balance Fuel balancing (part 1)
Infrastructure Implement visitable::remove_items_with

is to anyone, I’m not sure.


Yeah it would be great to have something end-user focused for the release.
Apparently my last posts around here were during 2015, I’ve some catching up to do… I’m sure many others do aswell.


How compatible will old saves be with the upcoming 0.D release? I mean, if they won’t work, I can just create a new world and import my character/vehicle and equipment with the importer utility and debug anything that won’t transfer for some reason; but any construction or excavation I do will have to be rebuilt from scratch.

Would building a fancy camp or excavating space underground ahead of time for when subterranean camps are added be a waste of time? I have big plans but they will be tedious to build, and I’d prefer to only have to do it once.


Debug Hammerspace mutation will cut down on how long it takes to rebuild your constructions. It’s probably faster than using the map editor to redo them, that thing is a pain to find anything specific in without it already being onscreen.


you might
you can even feed them muta and see what comes of it


0.C experimental is an extended open beta for 0.D. There isn’t going to be a sudden change and a bunch of new features added that break save games. Instead, at some point, Kevin is going to say “this is version 0.D”.

As far as camps go, this a rough outline of what I plan to do next:

  1. Stop determining what upgrades and features are available by checking the overmap tile IDs for the faction camp’s terrain, and instead store the upgrade levels inside the existing but underused base_camp structure.
  2. Remove the camp manager position, and replace him with dialogue options and a bulletin board.
  3. Add a way to define local map changes in JSON, and replace a lot of hardcoded map changes with flexible JSON definitions. This will hopefully also mean that you can have vehicles on a faction camp map when it upgrades.
  4. Move companion mission requirements and effects into JSON.
  5. Add the sawmill expansion using the new JSON infrastructure.
  6. Generalize the mission requirements and upgrades, so you can start anywhere, including an existing building or underground base, and upgrade across multiple paths, depending on your goals.

Each of those is probably going to take a month or more, and I’m not going to start any of them before 0.D is released. It’s not going to be until after step #4 that it’s really going to be feasible to think about how underground bases will work. Though on the plus side, after step #4, it’s going to be a lot easy to implement an underground base.


Is there currently any way to pack up and move or abandon a camp, or have multiple camps? Or any plans to add these options?

Also, just a suggestion, but the 3x3 empty map tile size requirement makes underground building difficult if it all has to be pre-dug space. That’s a LOT of digging, even with your followers helping. You might make the requirements different for subsurface camps.


I’m extremely excited about those changes to bases and might have to learn how the bounty system works for that stuff


You can abandon a camp by talking to the camp manager. You can have multiple camps already. You can’t pack up a camp because it’s a bunch of physical buildings.

Subterranean camps aren’t going to be supported until flexible camps are supported, and at that point the 3x3 requirement will be removed. Though that’s so far in the future that I don’t really know how that’s going to work.


Hit up and click on Code Changelog for the Jenkins change entries. It’s currently got more unexciting code cleanup stuff than you usually see, but you’ll still see entries like “change weight and to-hit of awl pike” and “bug: canning food turns spoiled to fresh” being addressed in there.

The tools page is full of useful stuff, and everyone following the game should probably have it bookmarked. The item browser in particular is handy.


you can’t pack up a camp though you can abandon or build multiple
also at some point along the upgrades you can make hides where they set up small bases and leave some materials excellent if you want to set up a new base quick though some stuff may dissappear along the way


makes me wonder if it’d be easier to have an npc build or have the player help alongeighteen log walls and a pair of crates takes eight days? really? does it really take that long?


Can the 3x3 area for a camp include a road, or does it have to be a field.


Based on my experience there can be a road there, but the NPCs won’t build on it like they will a field, so it limits your expansions.


Anybody know how to interpret the follower opinion page? It’s all jammed together and hard to tell what it’s saying.

Also, on a related note, what kind of actions affect them?


The follower opinion page is complete nonsense and can be safely ignored.


For now, it’s best if all the tiles are fields.

Long term, I plan to get rid of that limitation.


From the recipe’s notes:
“14 walls @ 2.5 hours + 2 crates @ 1 hour + 28 roofs @ 2 hours = 89 hours of labor”, so 8 days working 11 hours/day.

One of my long term goals is to change how the building is performed, so the NPC stays on the map and does the work and the player can help. Also, there are functions to assign multiple NPCs to the same companion mission that the code doesn’t currently use. Enabling those would be a huge help for tasks that scale well with multiple workers.