NPCs, what can they do?



I was hoping you wouldn’t get what I was hinting at so I could answer:
"No, I mean they LITERALLY kept me fed for a week:



I was hoping I was wrong and that you could send NPCs out to hunt or gather. But somehow I knew that wasnt what you meant.


If you have a faction camp and have upgraded it 8-10 times (I forget the exact number), you can send NPCs to hunt, trap, and forage and they’ll deposit corpses and wild vegetables at your feet.


Can you ask them to look for specific things? Like say, a couple hundred bird eggs so I can make like a hundred gallons of Alpha Serum for my Super Soldier program?

Also, if I do not have a camp, can I just set them to guard a spot to make them stay, or will they get unhappy? I’ve got a perfectly safe place, I just need them to STAY there, and not pillage my base and leave while I’m gone


No, they don’t get unhappy. I had one NPC equipped with a PAR and hundreds of pebbles standing in my fields just to shoot giant mutant locusts and other miscellaneous vermin that I couldn’t be bothered to toss in the burning pit.

She didn’t seem to mind standing hip deep in marijuana and zucchini for half a year so you shouldn’t have problems.


Reminds me of my mother’s late cat >_>


That… just… blows my mind. all new stuff to me.
quick search of the forum lead me here incase anyone else is interested in faction camps.


It’s crazy to me how few people know about faction camps. I turn up NPC spawns solely for that reason.


Where would they find out about it tho? I’ve not been playing since a few months after 0.C came out, I’d imagine there’s allot of stuff i don’t know.
Don’t mean to spoil it for myself, this just seems far too big to be an obscure endgame feature, such as artifacts?


Magical fairies are suppose to enlighten us in our dreams and we are suppose to intrinsically know all the new stuff and changes and bug fixed stuff that gets put into the game xD


I mean. When you talk to allied NPCs the option to start a camp is on the list, but between people not caring about NPCs at all, using them solely for smoked sucker, or who just mash the same muscle memory keys to use the NPC as a book then I guess it makes sense that it’s not the most obvious feature.


It’s the magical Jenkins fairy. He spits out lists of stuff that’s changed, and you can spend a minute or two skimming over it in the morning and then impress your friends with your knowledge of Cata updates.



not familiar with the jenkins fairy, only fairy i know gits diff and it doesn’t like me very much.


They’re not an endgame feature. You get the option to talk about NPC faction camps as soon as you recruit a friendly NPC, which includes a tutorial. You can start your first faction camp as soon as you have two friendly NPCs and are standing in a field[1].

Not knowing about the forage/trapping/hunting options is more understandable, because I only put that in a week or two ago.

[1] At some point, that’s going to change to “as soon as you have a friendly NPC and are standing in a field” and then it’s going to be “as soon as you have a friendly NPC” and eventually “as soon as you put up a build board.” Though faction camps aren’t going to be very useful without NPCs to do stuff.


NPC foraging is fairly abstract and you can’t send them to look for specific things.


Yeah i’ve, not been around for a while.

It’s a great concept, lots of possibilities for expansion heh. sure got my imagination racing.
mind me asking how much are you planning on getting in for 0.D?


Probably not a whole lot. There’s not much time before 0.D release, I’m busy with some other things in life, and there’s some bike rack related bugs that I want to fix first but are turning out to be complicated.

I’m not content with the state of faction camps - I would really like to get the wood working shop expansion in before 0.D - but they’re decent at this point.

On the other hand, I consider 0.D to be an illusion and I’m going to continue coding after it is released.


Personally the biggest thing i’m looking forward to about 0.D is a comprehensive changelog.
I can barely read C++, reading a diff would be rather tedious tho not a bad use of my time all things considered