NPCs, what can they do?


So does that mean morale is not implemented then? If it is, is there any way to tell if something is bothering them? I’m in the process of turning my followers into cyborg super soldiers, so I’d prefer to not have my people stewing with rage from some unmet need or want and suddenly turn on me.

They also seem to have some issues with wearing clothing and armor as well. I tried to give one guy a MBR vest, a camo tank top, and a jacket, but he wouldn’t wear any combination of them together, only one of them. If it wasn’t Mid Spring and they weren’t huddling in an underground bunker, they would have frozen to death already.


Does the camp building equation take into account the world settings for building speed? Like, if building time is halved because seasons are half-length, does the time to build the wall change to 4 days?


they don’t like encumberance and so will autobalance with their retard ai
which is especially annoying when I can’t even get them to take off my shirt that I burned specificly so they wouldn’t wear it
high encumberance items like heavy survivor armor they may refuse outright


You can bypass some of their idiocy by using the sort armor option. Pile the gear you want them to wear at their feet, sort their armor and use ‘e’ to equip stuff, ‘u’ to remove it.
They still occasionally shuck their clothes like summer children and prance into battle wearing nothing but a fire helmet…but that’s part of their charm.
I find turning off their ability to pick stuff up speeds up the game and cuts down on random acts of stupid.


We probably should be able to manually enter max encumbrance targets for body parts. Even if it’s just “melee encumbrance” (torso), “running encumbrance” (legs/mouth), and “range encumbrance” (arms/eyes) with the options being "“keep minimal”, “allow moderate”, and “don’t care”


@nameless_survivor NPCs in your party suffer from all the things you do. They can get infections depressed and pain. Outside your party both neutral and hostile do not suffer pain or infected limbs or have morale they feel nothing save a hatred for you they can however get infected by spores and are affected by special attacks so the dermatik special attack as well as field effects like tear gas and smoke. Else wise they are unfeeling unflinching killing machines which can block 110% of the time with their arms (while they are not broken).


I make a point not to let anything get into melee range if I can help it. I haven’t found anything that can survive more than 3 well aimed Barrett .50 AP rounds, and most die to 1. If I have to fight people with guns and I can’t outrange them, I prefer to use vehicle weapons, or the arc cannon. Arc cannon works well for close quarters, since it jumps between targets and stuns. I just stun lock them with it and basically taze them to death.