NPCs can't open tent flaps

I’ve begun setting up a faction camp and so far it’s been going pretty smoothly, only minor gripes like not having an error report instead of “so and so has finished all available work” when an NPC is told to do something but ends up doing nothing instead.

This leads into my next find as of #9745, when I closed the door instinctively as NPCs were in the main tent, I found they couldn’t open the flap and follow me despite me having told them to open doors they needed to go through. Is there any additional info I can give to back this up?

When an NPC is assigned an activity, and they report “finished all available work” but has done nothing, there is usually a good reason, but yes im working on ways to feedback this info to the playaer without completely filling up the message log with NPC spam.
It would be that a) they dont have the skills or b) they dont have the tools or c)there is no zone to specify the activity or d)its too dark or theres something blocking the route to the work spot.

As for not opening tent flaps, could you log an issue on the github?

seems like that could be an easy fix.

Will do, I’m shamefully new to github despite having played around in unity so I hope I do it right :v


Yep, thats fine, thanks!