NPCs are really slow

Can we get a “move, you pussy”, or a slow down to NPC speed button?

They usually pack their inventories with steel frames and microwaves , plus they rarely have backpack so they have pockets stuffed with laptops and super alloy plates.

It’s not big surprise if they can’t run , the game is set in America , nobody is supposed to be able to run there.

Merikun here.

What is this ‘run’ you speak of? Is that one of those outdated concepts like ‘personal responsibility’ and ‘freedom’?

EDIT: I did some research!

From what I read in history books, my early American (that’s the old-fashioned word for Merikun) ancestors understood what this ‘run’ thing was and practiced it on a semi-annual basis.

Then they started inventing phonographs, telegraphs, airplanes, transistors, televisions, telephones, computers, ARPANET, and cellular networks. Nobody had to go anywhere, it could all be brought to them.

Eventually the word came to be an obscenity, like ‘exercise’ and ‘free thought’ and so it was relegated to the history books to be forgotten by the following generations of Merikuns who were content to glean their knowledge from infomercials and their morality from reality television.

The steady decline of western civilization marches on.

Yeah right…

[i]...And so we go, on with our lives We know the truth, but prefer lies Lies are simple, simple is bliss Why go against tradition when we can Admit defeat, live in decline Be the victim of our own design The status quo, built on suspect Why would anyone stick out their neck?

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