NPCs are as dumb as zombies

I left ‘Wesley Gary’ wandering near my RV and he seems to have a pathing problem or something? He’s spent the entire time walking into the side of my vehicle. Luckily he isn’t actually a zombie, or he would have broken it to pieces by now.

I stranded him in an underground science lab until I decide what to do with him.

He’s just practicing his drumming. Surviving the apocalypse is hard enough, let the poor man have his hobbies :stuck_out_tongue:

what do you mean, he’s just banging his head against the wall, and then trying to figure out what just made the noise of someone banging his head against the wall…

if you go into their personal settings and tell them to not investigate sounds then they’ll stop doin stuff like this… I’ve been turning that off ever since the one soldier i outfitted with enhanced hearing decided it was a good idea to ‘investigate’ the sound he heard (in an underground lab) by running to the nearby subway station and getting himself mauled to death.

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