NPC spawn rate scaling factor

Hurrah! They put this new option (or was it in already and I’m completely, utterly blind? O.O )

Btw, I’m gonna start a new world and new character, and I’m wondering how much to set it. 1.0 is standard, right? It wasn’t lowered? (I ask because I read many posts with people suggesting that maybe there were too many NPCs spawning at the same time )

How much are you gonna put it? Did you already have time to experiment with it? Anyway, I’m using the experimental version 62d4383

To answer one of your questions, yes, it’s new.

Thanks god. xD

1.0 is a small bit lower than the former default.

It will give you the same chance of a single, lone NPC spawning as before, but if there are any NPCs nearby, the chance will be lower than before.