Default random npc spawn rate

I want to talk about random npc swawn rate 1.0.

“1.0” supposed to be default setting that gives normal gameplay.
But now with 1.0 ranod npc spawns a lot. Is it intended by design? Maybe default settings for random npc spawn rate should be reduced?

I’m fine with the NPC spawn rate. I think NPC’s are kinda broken in general; they don’t really add that much to the game. But I never felt like there were too many.

It would be nice if people who use poll write about his prefered random npc spawn rate.

I’m OK with the spawn rate. The new functionality for NPCs makes engaging with them much more rewarding (both in material or gameplay experience).

NPCs are like chests… full of loot (and food and moral if your a psychotic cannibal)… yet some bite back…

[move]be nice if we could like… taser them then tie em up for ‘storage’…[/move]

I think it should be reduce because the last thing we need is to be deep in an forest building a structure from scratch and having an npc telling us to drop our weapons.

Also what exactly random npc spawn rate mean in term of game algorithms? Probability of spawning or spawning interval? Looks like it is interval but with some conditions that prevents spawning multiple npc on same territory.

1.0 for now spawns one npc per day average. It looks not apocalyptic at all.