NPC @ marks on overmap

Hello. I have a question. Is it possible to hide this ANNOYING mark? I know their position even when they are on the other side of the HUGE forest… HOW?! Maybe some kind of magic? It is logical when we consider hordes because they create very loud noise and we can hear them. ,Surprise Motherfucka!" would be great…

I’m pretty sure you can’t. I just murder or recruit all the NPCs I come across.

Yup, murderhoboing npcs will remove their stain upon the world.

tbh its still possible to be ambushed by them if you dont habitually check the overmap, and you really do not want to suddenly find an npc in the adjacent tile in the dark. A great way to get machine-gunned in the nostrils.

I’ve felt for some time that it was reasonable to have that knowledge, as they have that knowledge of YOU - any time they are in the reality bubble, hostile NPCs track you perfectly, no matter what’s in the way. Solve that first.

(It’s possible that IS solved, and I just haven’t noticed. I have NPCs turned WAY down.)

I have 0.01 NPC spawn, but they still killed several of my chsracters.

I see your point. But now, Cataclysm is like ,Escape from Tarkov" or ,DayZ" with enemies which are marked or tagged. No tension, no fun.