Npc drop story and future/current use's of npcs

Hey guys interesting story from the the zemalfs current lp of cataclysm.He decided to use npc’s this time and took a quest the first day for an npc at the evac shelter he spawned in. the quest was for antiboicts and he got the antibodics and some basic gear needed for his archer/survival character.he gave her all the medican and learned some talioring for his trouble.then he went ot the basement of the evac shelter didnt look around to much and read for a bit by a pc and went to sleep.that moring he wakes up and notces some storage palces he didint look at.Well in one of the storage bins he finds the npc he helped dead as a doornob and on her a ruger redhawk with 300 rounds of ammo,a flamethrower nonused and some other very usefull stuff i cant remember.So now he hes runnign around the wasteland with a longbow and the redhawk he surpressed right after(left the flamethrower he felt it was like cheating if he took it) Does this seam extreme to get if a npc dies and will they have more definition and useses later on and currently do they have any really usefull purposses other then dieing.

AFAIK NPC’s are going to be massive.

Settlements, raiding parties, stores, gambling, weapon manufacturing and other general goodieness.
Slavers, thieves, assassins, cyber-punks, cyborg armies and other general dick-arsery.

I am salivating just thinking of the possibilities. Just think of the mininuke(active)s’.

They’d better leave the option to disable them.

Raiding parties…

Walks back into fortified base, only to find a asshole with a shotgun waiting inside my door, with all of my stuff on him

So essentially, Sauron is calling his armies? :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“Mrnocamera, post:4, topic:1519”]Raiding parties…

Walks back into fortified base, only to find a asshole with a shotgun waiting inside my door, with all of my stuff on him[/quote]


walks back into fortified base

it’s empty
Go find out who took it and raid their base before they use/sell it all.


walks back to fortified base

Corpses every where in trap field.
*collect loot
kill the search party the next day
Kill the search party the third day
House gets destroyed on the fourth day by an angry mob wielding mininukes.
kill angry mob
Find their base
All their soldiers are dead from searching for the raiding party.
Take their food storage at gun point
Kill their animals
Burn their crops
Shoot the leader in the centre of town
Take several concubines
Return to a second safe house
Die that night from a crushed pelvis

I really hope npc’s live up to expectations

Death… by snoo snoo!

I would think that npc coding would be pretty difficult to get the logic going. can you guys state what you guys are looking to add first? I would think you would add these in pieces.

No, rly, it’d be nice to see that someone notices your progress and has some behavioral input on his behalf. To see a not-so-far road suddenly covered in land mines shows some appreciation. :slight_smile:

Well seeing as the devs still haven’t fixed the npc bugs, AFAIK, I agree.

I they took some mutagen. Extremely strong and Pretty mutations.
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