Npc Drivers? Military Caravan

With that ai driver module thing that 'doesn’t? work? is anyone considering the possibility of npcs driving vehicles? I’m really into the idea of you know building a private army and stuff and it’d be pretty nice if I didn’t have to drive a vehicle too big to fit onto the highways or in towns and instead could have a caravan of vehicles with npcs, especially if I could have the npcs able to use the mounted turrets and use radios to tell me if their gas/power is running low. I know this is like 10th level coding right here but I’m just curious if any of the devs are thinking about this for the future of the game.

We want NPCs to drive and to be able to use mounted weapons.

Some of this stuff is hard in that we don’t really know how to do it, and some of it is hard in that we know roughly what needs to be done but there aren’t many developers who can write the relevant code and they’re often busy doing other stuff.

NPC driving is mostly in the first category. Getting a car running requires a lot of work and NPCs don’t currently have the code to figure out how to change a tire, for instance. We’re moving towards that with some AI work that Kevin did last year, but it’s really far away.

A simpler issue would be getting NPCs to chauffeur you around, as a variant of the existing auto-drive system. We mostly know how to do this, but dpwb or I will need to write the code and we have a lot of other code to write. Same with getting them to use mounted guns.


Sweet, I’ve been around for only 2 years so far but the amount of change and upgrades this game has gone through is remarkable, I still forget about the auto walk function in most of my play-throughs lmao.


I could get NPCs to drive a car fairly easily with a few bits of code.

For around 10 seconds, until they encounter an obstacle, that is.

The player knows to turn off autodrive, manually drive around the obstacle, and restart it.

The NPC dosnt know how to do that.

Once someone makes autodrive able to path around obstacles and be smart in how it resumes, then we will be ready for NPC driving too.

If this ends up working, the one thing I’d love to see are raiders attempting to run you over. Imagine riding for your life on a tiny bike as a truck zooms towards you. It be especially satisfying leading said persuer into a tree hah!

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So you want poor dpwb to teach NPCs how to avoid collisions, and then as soon as he gets that working, go back and teach them how to run into things? That’s pretty nuts.


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