NPC Destination Bug [0.7.1]

I’ve had this happen in previous versions, but every now and again I get an NPC that seems like the game has to force them to move every turn instead of them moving on their own. Debug message log is as follows and repeats nearly every turn.

DEBUG: NPC Luke Price: target = -1, danger = 0, range = 3
DEBUG: address_needs Undecided
DEBUG: address_player Undecided
DEBUG: find_item Undecided
DEBUG: long_term_goal_action()
DEBUG: long_term_goal_action Go to destination
DEBUG: Luke Price chose action Go to destination

This is especially bad right now, as my character is sleeping. I can’t open any menus to debug-kill this NPC or move out of the message range. I have to hold down spacebar as time slowly creeps by.

[Version I am currently using is 0.7.1-52-gcd639c8]

Additional information: I am playing with both static and randomly spawning NPCs on. The NPC in question spawned while I was asleep.