NPC behavior 'attack without moving' is buggy

This behavior makes the NPC behave as in ‘attack any enemy’ instead, from what I see. The NPC definitively moves toward the enemies and don’t stay put, which is the intent of the behavior. Hopefully a simple fix?

I observed it before, but I don’t know what triggers it, which makes it hard to fix.

I have my npcs set to behave this way almost all the time and I’ve never seen any huge movement, but I have seen it happen when they are given a spear and they would have to swing through me to hit a Zed.

That may be a clue into the cause. But I do have to say that they hardly move at all in those cases, just enough to hit the zombie without me being in the line of fire.

Going around the player is relatively minor. Sometimes NPCs try to attack critters on the other side of the map.

I think I know what triggers this behavior. I have a party of three NPCs with me, and I use that command on all of them. The only one who has described runaround action is the girl with crossbow. She cannot attack with that standing since I forbid using handguns and moving as well. I had to switch her to ‘don’t attack at all’. Please test this, I think it’s might be the case