Noob trying to complete an optimal tileset

Just for personal use, I’m trying to fill in the gaps on the Chesthole tile set.

I’ve been using tiles from the MSX++DeadPeopleEdition, but I can not find many of the tiles. I figured out how to locate many using tile_config.json but that only works for about 5,000 tiles and many of the gaps are not in those 5,000. I have also simply looked at the other graphics files in the MSX++ folder, and I’m pretty sure that certain tiles that are in the MSX++ set (as I see them in game) are not in those files either.

I’ve also looked around trying to find other sources for pixel art that might fit in as tiles for CDDA, but I have been unsuccessful.

Whether it’s directing me to where the rest of the tiles in MSX++ are stored, or just letting me know about a source for generic low-bit graphics that could be crammed into a tileset, I’d appreciate the assistance

there should be a tileset checker or editor, I think you can search in forum for more info

Found one editor that is no longer available, and one that doesn’t work with any tileset other than RetroASCII, so that’s a dead end.

I have no problem doing it manually, if only I could find the graphics in the first place.

All the graphics you see while using DeadPeople’s set for all items and terrain are listed in the .json config file for the tileset. They may be under weird names but if the graphic shows up in game as a graphic, it’s listed there and in one of the .pngs tileset files.

If you have some particular items you’re having issues finding the listing for in it, try using the CDDA item browser. You can search for the item as you know it in game, and get the item’s .json ID which will be listed in the tileset config file.

Unsurprisingly, the tiles I have so far found missing in Chesthole’s set are not listed in the CCDA item browser, presumably because they’re newer than the last update of that site.

I can do a ctl-f to find the tile in the .json, the problem is that beyond the point where it’s no longer referring to the “main” tileset .png, I have no idea where the numbers given are referring to, and I’m pretty sure some of them are not in the same folder, as strange as that sounds (at least to me).

Edit: I finally found two of the tiles that were eluding me in a .png I had looked through several times before. Still haven’t figured out how the numbers in the .json correspond beyond the first .png, though.

Dude, i even named each file in order of usage, and all tilenumbers each .png file is using.
What cant you find?

I’m not sure what you’re referring to.

The “item browser?” I may have found the wrong one. This is what I dug up:

Or are you talking about the MSX++ graphics pack?

If the latter, the only listing I see is the tile_config file, and I have no idea how to translate the location of the tiles that are not contained in the "1_tiles . . . " .png file

There’s one file I can’t even find reference to in tile_config.json : that’s what is called the lilly in-game. Not a big deal, I just used another flower in its place.

Continuation of 1-tiles… is 14-tiles2…
Lilly is there.

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Oh. Now that you point it out, I feel kind of dumb for not noticing that naming method.

And I couldn’t find the lily because I didn’t even think to check the spelling. And there it is.

Thanks. I think I see now where I was making the biggest mistakes. :+1: