Non-christian? Want a custom tombstone?

Hey, OzoneH3’s put together a Nifty new death screen. I think it’s a great idea and look forward to merging it.

Currently it gives unique markers (cross or Evil Upside-Down Cross, for Cannibal/Psychopath folks) if you’re packing a bible. I think we can expand on that. Anyone from a non-christian faith group have ideas?

How about a wooden sign with a radiation warning trefoil painted on its face if you die with too much radiation?

Heheh… I like the sound of that.

We could add cemeteries and put those as easter eggs. We could make tombstones for all people in the forum, too!

Giant pile of skulls if you get over 10000 kills?

Amusing ideas. I’m not hearing any religious input, though, so will probably merge the current PR and go from there. ASCII artists, have at it! :smiley:

I want a custom tombstone.

~ Here lies Gtaguy, banned but not forgotten.
There once was a man so rude,
It was only surpassed by his 'tude,
He kicked the wrong hive,
And ran like a jive,
If only he hadn’t lied.
-about where his stuff was so I could get his epipen.

My first thought on reading this question was to look at the USVA emblems list… But then I realised that most of them are unsuitable for being marker shapes rather than just emblems, especially in ASCII.

Yeah, I thought along the same general line, and had the same problem. Hence, simply asking.

Good Sirs and Ladies of the dev team please add this wonderful gem.

(As a tombstone option if I was not clear enough)

[quote=“Mcrone, post:10, topic:6388”]Good Sirs and Ladies of the dev team please add this wonderful gem.

(As a tombstone option if I was not clear enough)[/quote]

I vote if you want the spag lord in you need to make the ascii art.

this is definitely domewhere non-programmers can contribute, we only have one or a few devs that do ASCII art, so contributed ascii would go a long way toward making it go in.
Also a personalized tombstone (drop the text in a file somewhere) shouldn’t be hard to do.

Can we say like, custum tombstones encryptions that could appear in the game, in actual tombs? That’d be awesome.

This thread finally made me make and account. I have a background in comparative religion studies and would love to make more headstone graphics. Perhaps I could even add some more religious books to cover some of the faiths not yet represented.

As a noob however, I an not sure what format the art should be in. Is a text file ok? Perhaps someone could direct me to an art contribution guide?

Looks like we just need it to be a 37x21 (wide)x(tall) square of ASCII with places for name, final words, etc.
Here’s an example from the source code:

vRip.push_back(" _________ ____ "); vRip.push_back(" _/ `/ \\_ "); vRip.push_back(" _/ _ _ \\_. "); vRip.push_back(" _%\\ |_) | |_) \\_ "); vRip.push_back(" _/ \\/ | \\ | | \\_ "); vRip.push_back(" _/ \\_ "); vRip.push_back("| |"); iNameLine = vRip.size(); vRip.push_back(" ) < "); vRip.push_back("| |"); vRip.push_back("| |"); vRip.push_back("| _ |"); vRip.push_back("|__/ |"); iMaxWidth = vRip[vRip.size()-1].length(); vRip.push_back(" / `--. |"); vRip.push_back("| ( "); iInfoLine = vRip.size(); vRip.push_back("| |"); vRip.push_back(" \\_ _/"); vRip.push_back(" \\_% ._/ "); vRip.push_back(" @`\\_ _/%% "); vRip.push_back(" %@%@%\\_ * _/%`%@% "); vRip.push_back(" %@@@.%@%\\%% `\\ %%.%%@@%@"); vRip.push_back("@%@@%%%%%@@@@@@%%%%%%%%@@%%@@@%%%@%%@");
We really just need the bits in quotes, we can patch the rest into the source code.

Is there a jewish toomstone yet?

Because if there isint we need one, look to images of WWII graveyards for an idea for them.

We also could use an Eastern Orthodox one using the eastern orthodox cross…