No Mad at the Nomad: The Ideal Wanderer

Noticed a few people like to stay unbound and free from the yoke of a homestead, and instead explore from place to place with only the sky and ground as their roof and floor.

So as a parallel from the “Home Sweet Home: your Ideal Home” thread, I wanted to open up this for the Casual Drifters, Lone Wanderers and the Marauding Hordes who migrate across the plains. To share their experiences and recommendations; a more importantly as a open source of information for any new would be travellers who wish to take on the nomadic life.

So please, to all the horse riding Western Wannabes, Mad Max Death vehicle enthusiasts, gentle River Riders and the simple Wandering Wanderers. Share with friends the adventures and perils of the free spirit.

How do you get around, how do you survive and most importantly how do you thrive?


My favorite has still got to be a riverboat. I’m considering doing a playthrough where I make a colossal one and just slap two steam engines on it. Rivers are more fun now than when I originally did my viking longship playthrough, and I feel it will be gratifying to occasionally make landfall every once in a while to just chop down trees and load them into a kiln and smoker before continuing on my merry way.

Of course I’ll also have to stick some wheels on this bad boy to get over those pesky bridges since I won’t be able to do overland dragging like my Viking did.


Hopefully one day bridges will have Z-levels applied to them. Would love to do a river cruise.

Same goes to the railway tracks. Would love to build a train fortress.

One day I guess, one day.

I want a howls moving castle, hoping it’s possible.

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I wish there was an option to increase the amount of rivers ingame, or just straight up have an oceanic worldgen option. Imagining my Scout Robo Hacker gal trekking it across the flooded over ruins of a post-apocalyptic USA is just too cool and I need it now.

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I think theres a mod that turns everything into ocean tiles.
(It was a lua mod)


I played nomad/wayfarer combo once and Im thinking about doing it again. I always get bored right around the time I get a base set up anyways so I think cutting down the stuff I carry would be an interesting challenge for me.

A backpack, a toolbox (or the things that go in it), a knife, a weapon and a tailors kit and i could prolly make most of what i need. Instead of carrying or hoarding food Ill just cram it down my gullet and fast off my fat and only carry vitamins.

I like poison resistant and strong stomach characters anyways cuz i find purifying water tedious. So not much need to carry water except in winter.

I guess my advice is carry only what you need not what you want and be careful how you move or where you set camp. I legit might make a trapper char just for this to secure my impromptu hidey holes better.


I’ve had a lot of fun legging it with the drifter start and just eating everything I find and living off the fat stores. Definitely one of the pros of the new hunger system.


Well, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a lot of fun rolling around in the Dauntless back in the day. The second biggest mobile base I ever built and as far as aesthetics go it’s probably still my favorite creation even if it was a bit wide for easy travel.

I also ended up building this for my Alita run, it got expanded eventually to fit livestock holders for all three mechs along with a few other modifications but it didn’t really change that much. It ended up being very different from my normal vehicles as I designed it to be as light as reasonably possible, I even took the time to collect and completely coat it in superalloy sheets


i always wanted to try an hybrid mobile so i dont get stopped by those damn river, but to lazy to try my hand at floating mechanics, and i always end up with a 5x7 vehicle.

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Always kept finding these mechs with no idea how to take them with me.
Good to know life stock holders world.

Any idea of how I can get ahold of that?

You might be able to find it in a really outdated mod list, but it wouldn’t work on newee version because they got rid of lua support.